Photo: Jim Johnston
Free food for life? How can you navigate using the sun? How did you know which bird it was?

Moor Wild experiences was founded by Liz Cwilewicz in 2018 bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience of foraging, ecology and outdoor pursuits.

You needn't know anything before hand about flowers, wild foods or even been in wild areas to enjoy and learn about how to wild forage foods safely and making foraging a new part of your lifestyle. You can even forage near home.


Having wild foraged for 6 years and studied botany (study of plants), Liz will ensure you get the best experience and get those taste buds going! 

"I thank my friend in Leeds who asked me to find "wild garlic recipes" thinking he meant "go wild with the added garlic", until he showed me a carpeted urban woodland with the stuff! Never looked back since..."

Why not compliment your foraging adventures with improving your navigation skills, just so you can find the best sites for a walk, picnic, family adventure or take youth groups through their navigation competency.

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"Liz is an excellent instructor with a deep knowledge of the edible plants in the area. I thoroughly enjoyed our foraging walk and would recommend it to anyone" Andy, Lynmouth, March 2020, Facebook

"Excellent course with an excellent instructor. You learn so much more than navigation & compass skills as Liz is so knowledgeable about wild foraging too. I really recommend this course & liz to anyone" Lesley, Lynmouth, June 2019, Facebook

"Liz lead a fabulous navigation course today! I thoroughly enjoyed it. How to navigate using a compass and a map (and a watch!). Liz is very knowledgeable and her teaching style is easy to follow, friendly and informative. Great fun! The Two Moors way here I come!" Heidi, Lynton, March 2019, Facebook