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Welcome to Moor Wild Experiences - Director Liz Cwilewicz


Summer Mountain Leader (ML) & Personal Guide

Exmoor - Dartmoor - Brecons - Eryri (Snowdonia) - Lake District

With over 10 years experience of leading groups and 1-1s

Astronomy Enthusiast - Wild Forager - Field Studies - Botanist

Astronomy & Telescope experiences collaborators: 

Liz C, Gary & Linda Wright - Wright's Care Farm, Kentisbury

Stargazing & Pizza Nights - Exmoor Darks Skies Festival 

Mordros Liz_LowRES_22.jpg

Astronomy with Dobsonian telescopes

Exmoor is a Dark Skies Reserve, Bortle Scale 1-2. (internationally recognised high dark sky clarity)

The exquisite clarity of the night sky means, guests staying in North Devon get the best night's sleep, after a 2 hour magical tour of the planets, Saturn's rings, galaxies and the milky way..

We run experiences for up to 30 in our 16th Century barn.

Woodfired pizzas, drinks, hot chocolate and marshmallows around our firepit

Liz fungi foray Lynton Hollerday Hill Moor Wild Experiences 2022(2).jpg

Private and Scheduled Walking Tours / Holidays

Spending time in the moors, mountains, riversides and seas, improves our holistic health. As it does for me.

Our guests say they benefit from true relaxation in the open spaces of our National Parks, reconnecting with the smallest pattern of nature, themselves and their close ones.

The natural stimuli of the outdoors, displaces the digital intensity we experience in our modern lives. Our walks and experiences enable you to be in the present and nothing else.

We provide homemade tasters and beverages

Liz fungi foray Lynton Hollerday Hill Moor Wild Experiences 2022(2).jpg
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