Wild Forage

in Devon and Somerset

The declining high brown fritillary, the first one found on Killington Farm, Heddon Valley, North Devon, summer 2014.

The amazing ecology of the area was the reason I decided to moved down to North Devon...

My Mission

What's better than gathering free food for life from the wild? Or spotting red deer over tea on a moorland trek? Or smelling tropical-scented gorse whilst taking the next bearing...

My ambition is to pass on my years of valuable outdoor skills including map reading, ecology, wild foraging and self-sufficiency, whilst adding fulfilment to your lifestyle.


Learn exactly how to use a compass and map / learn how to identify and gather wild foods safely, confidently and legally / identify flora and fauna simply / cook up a wild dish with local produce / keep fit, feel amazing / make lifetime friends...

About me...


I am Liz, a naturalist, outdoor educator and consultant...

I spent many years as a Polish scout, an Air Cadet and a Field Studies Tutor (not all at once) - I was totally immersed in the outdoor world!

Studying ecology for 5 years, taking on ecological consultancy work and teaching field studies, there were many paths crossed with outdoor experts and inspirational naturalists that I became so hung on wild foods and went crazy over navigational iron filings!


Now living in spectacular North Devon, I haven't looked back since...

"Wow, wild garlic tastes so good, I didn't know you could eat it!"

"I'm so glad you've clarified my lifetime of uncertainty on how to take a compass bearing!"

Hearing these course comments reassures the value of what simple education and what my lifetime of academic ecological and navigation study can do for someone...

Basic Navigation Courses


We've all been there....once able to take a compass bearing and taken the wrong path!

These courses are provided all year round (and safe in all weathers).

Remember, your walking challenge might not be dry, sunny with great visibility!






Basic navigation courses - 2 hours indoors and outdoors (in local town) - compass and map provided - perfect for starters and refreshers on map reading and how to take a bearing.

Open moorland basic navigation courses (beginners or refreshers) - 4 hours on moorland and hills - great for long distance walk practice and general navigation competency on the moors, team building exercises...






National Navigation Award Scheme NNAS (Bronze and Silver) - min 12 hours over 2 days - A certificated course of navigation competency (not a leadership qualification). 

Perfect for Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition practice, National Peaks Challenges practice, general navigation competency, employability...

Wild Foraging (non-fungi)
All our food originated from the wild, its a fact, before cultivation, genetic modification and mass production took place to meet our food demands for an ever growing global population - sadly, the taste and nutritional content in many ways has been lost...
Although British weather and seasons can provide us with a year-round supply of root vegetables for a classic Sunday roast (I know right!), you can also add extra tasty and nutritional wild foods to your diet in the form of wild soups, salads, chutneys, dressings and jams for the everyday dish...
Take yourself on a wild edibles experience you shalln't forget and make a change to your lifestyle...
Wild garlic / wild summer greens and berries foraging with pesto demonstration and exclusive cooking with the Chef  (3 - 5hrs) - Hunters Inn, Heddon Valley, N.Devon
What will you expect? Read more here...

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