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How is Moor Wild Experiences working to be Environmentally Sustainable...

The word 'sustainability' is often misused or misunderstood...

"A process, business, or activity that is capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing adverse ecological damage. Founded on the three elements of economics, effects on society, and the environment, it considers the wider effects and longer-term implications on the planet"  - OXFORD DICTIONARY




Liz runs most of her experiences within 8 miles radius of Lynton & Lynmouth, so that they are reachable by locals, tourists and business collaborators. Also, to save fuel and time.

Barton Farm, Kentisbury Stargazing - 8 miles

Valley of Rocks Stargazing - 1/4 mile

Lynton foraging- 1/4 mile from Lynmouth

A Walk Away!

Walking is not only a way to keep fit and reduce the use of fuel, but instead Liz will forage items en-route, but will observe the flowering and harvesting time, as our climate naturally changes...


Using local food suppliers 

Cherryford Veg - Home-grown polytunnel produce for some pizza toppings. Also, a source of

 wild strawberries, sorrels, rosehips, elderflowers, herbs, birch sap and the famous Cherryford Honey!

Brendon Hill Crafts - whortleberry jam 

Lucho Bakes - dough and bread for our popular Stargazing & Pizza Nights 



Young People

Yes, we put young people as our top priority. 

Whether its for school groups, air cadets or families, seeing our young people gleam when they spot Saturn for the first time or confidently identify a

wild strawberry in front of their parents....

I know that I have done my job.

Why is it sustainable - because educating them early, ensures their journey through life runs with confidence, ease and understanding, so they have a more prepared future...

Social Media and the Media

Stargazing - sharing our story with the Sun newspaper regarding light pollution and the benefits of Exmoor's Darks Skies on our wellbeing has been well placed with the most widely-red commercial newspaper in the UK

Socials - with the ability to 'advocate' our 

Educational partners and to show our appreciation for their support, together we strengthen the message on Stars, Light pollution, Well-being and the Outdoors

@ExmoorNP @RuralEntExmoor @VisitDevon @VisitExmoor @LyntonLynmouth @SpaceDetectives

#WeAreExmoor #ExmoorDarkSkiesFestival

Solar Panels
Solar Panels


We run on sustainable resources!

Photovoltaic (solar panels) - yes, the sun does shine in Devon! Our 50kW solar panels is enough to power the water pump and daily lighting

Mini hydroelectric 

After some technical reading, the power of gravity and locally sourced piping, our overland home-made (non-invasive) hydroelectric station works well for our natural spring during winter's higher rainfall.


Growing, Re-sewing and honey bees

Its our happiest cyclical process! We sew the seeds for wild flowers, tomatoes, laurels and vegetables, our bees go crazy, our food is pollinated and the honey is produced. Nothing wasted.

Recycle & Reuse - Our glass jars are reused to fill honey, chutneys and foraged preserves which are used on our experiences. Sterilised with natural power.


Digital - Data and emails uses up resources!

So I send a 'What's On' only twice a year and on the Socials, once a season!

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