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Elderflower season!

My face lights up as bright as the creamy white flowers of elder (Sambucus nigra) in the spring time (April-ish) with its fragrant delight. Country roads, field edges, gardens or park woodlands will bring you this gift of joy to see, smell and taste and it only lasts for a certain period of time. More favourably, elderflower has many potential uses when you transform the flowers into a cordial; use as a base for a refreshing water-diluted drink over ice and lemon, soda, prosecco or add to a decent English sparkling wine (especially if you're a party hoster ;) )

You can view my basic elderflower cordial recipe if you'd like to experiment. I don't think you could go wrong except not adding enough sugar! Elderflower is potent and sugar / honey enhances the flavour. Identifying it correctly is pretty important and you can't really go wrong - elderflower looks like a short stubby tree (its actually a shrub), with large white discs of tiny white (5-petal flowers). The leaves are 'stinky' and are lanceolate and serrated, sat opposite to one another (see below with my cheerful face). Make sure you use an ID guide or someone who knows what they are looking for. If unsure, do not take the risk.

Share your stories and experiences with me, I love to hear your trials and tribulations!

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