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Wild strawberry daiquiri!

Time prep: 5 minutes Serves: 4

Does this mean 'go wild with lots of strawberries' in a cocktail or is there an actual 'wild strawberry' involved here - well its the latter! There are tiny tiny strawberries which grow in the wild and this is where you can find them...

Around Europe:

Damp and open woodlands

Rough grasslands


Now, they aren't just going to jump out at you like a cultivated strawberry will. You will have to look low and search for the 'trefoil' leaves ('tre' - three, 'foil' - leaves) close to ground. They will be hanging below this miniature trefoil canopy and usually found on chalk soil areas (Yorkshire, Chilterns, but even on Exmoor which is acidic). Though tiny, the flavour is immense and best eaten there and then. Remember: wash before eating (with your handy water bottle) as there may have been dog walkers about (or humans, you never know), just to be safe.

Ingredients: Method:

2 handfuls wild strawberries (frozen) 1. In a food processor, blend frozen

1 lime juice wild strawberries, juice of lime and

8 strawberries strawberries together

20 cubes of ice 2. Add the ice cubes (or crushed ice)

40 ml quality dark rum and the dark rum and blend until the

1 mint leaf (water mint) ice is completely smooth.

3. Garnish with your mint leaf

Share you photos and experiences (good or bad!) to @moorwildexperiences

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